Feb 4, 2012

First Zoo Day

Thanks to friends and family, for Porter's birthday we were able to gather enough funds to get an annual family membership to Zoo Boise. Today we finally got the passes and took a tour of the zoo. It was a sunny day and since it's mid-winter there were only a few other families there. We had a good time and are excited to go back again and again.

Looking at the giraffes.
So this is what real giraffe animal print looks like.
Big one and little one.

This was his face when he first saw the lions.

Lioness. Just a big kitty, right?

Penguin Flyby

The saddest animals at the zoo, according to Luke.
He liked it!

 We've also been going for daily bike rides with the iBert bike seat. Porter loves it and loves getting to sit up front where all the action is and I find there's plenty of space to ride comfortably. It's also great having him on the front because it keeps the bike more steady than if he were on the back. He's also able to turn around and give me kisses, which is tender too. We are having so much fun these days. I love that he's getting older and we're able to be more active. Love my life!

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