Sep 11, 2011

Outta Town

This weekend we took our first family solo camping trip and it was great fun. We drove out of town about 2 hours and did some serious car camping. It was a little tricky trying to set up camp and cook with a baby, but we managed. For the trouble we were rewarded with a breathtaking view of a pine canyon to wake up to, without having to leave our toasty bed. We successfully cooked over the campfire, and the best reward of all was a trip to the hot springs a mere 15 minute walk away. We're still working out the kinks so that my super tall husband can comfortably sleep on the air mattress, but it was the perfect ending tribute to summer and a tender time for family bonding.

For my birthday I got the "garage" attachment for our Hobitat tent. Luke thought it a bit much when we first set it up, but then understood it's beauty as the weekend progressed. I will say that the spot we set up in didn't allow the garage to fully extend, which is why it looks a little weepy in the middle. We were working around trees, you know, nature and all.
Here it's partially opened. As you can see we used it to keep our luggage and as a changing room.

It's fully opened here, on both sides. If we really get into it we can get poles to hold the flaps out and then it creates a shady spot to hang. I love it!

Almost to the hot springs!
Luke recently rafted this part of the Payette river and they came upon the hot springs that we soaked in. He was a good hubby and remembered the name and location so we could camp here.

We had to ford the shallowest part of the river  on the left to get to the hot tub, but it was entirely worth it.
Hot spring shower anyone? We shared the "hot tub" with a lovely couple who adored Porter.

The spring had been dammed up and had a sandy bottom. The shower of warm water was a little intense for Porter initially, but it felt SO GOOD!

He came around.

Ready to make the 20 minute hike back to the campsite. Have I mentioned that I LOVE our Deuter Kid Comfort 2 hiking backpack? I DO! It makes experiences like this one possible, and even easy, with an 8 month old. Not only did it carry our child, but we packed in a change of clothes, a towel, water, a sarong, camera, keys, diaper necessities, sunglasses and there was even a little space left. LOVE IT! And love that my baby loves riding in it. Quality family time camping and soaking in hot springs...tender.

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  1. Camping with a baby makes packing even more important. Cool camping trip!