Apr 23, 2011

Love For A Lifetime

There are many things I'm grateful for, but today I owe my sweet husband a whole heap of gratitude. I met my husband Luke in college at UCSC @ Porter College, on the very first day we moved into the dorms. We began dating a few years later, moved in together a few years after that, and for the last 6 years have lived in Boise, Idaho. We got married 8 years after we started dating and 3 months ago we had our first child, a son. We are nearing 11 years together this summer. That's a long time, and considering that we began dating when I was 19, we have both gone through a lot of changes to become the people we are now.

Luke has seen me through many incarnations of myself: college sorority girl, retail sales lady,  sophisticated city dweller, country bumpkin, teacher, doula, blissfully happy, furious, depths of despair, lover, friend and most recently mother. He is brave, kind, loyal, dedicated, smart, quiet, hardworking, gentle, open to adventure, an attentive father. I knew from our first date that I could spend my life with him, and it has worked out just so.

Thanks to my husband Luke for being my best friend all these years. For being brave enough to tend to me during the birth of our son, and to catch him from my body, with his big loving hands. I love that Luke smiles when I sing to Porter and reads him books before bed. I appreciate his level headed-ness when I jump off the deep end, and I am grateful that he is constantly working to be a better human being. My life is so full of joy because of the life we have created together. There is no one else I want to spend my future with, even after all these years. I love my husband, and even better? He loves me back!
Dedicated Daddy

Lovable Son-in-Law

Family Man

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