Jan 5, 2011

Street Photography Now Project

Over the holidays I was the lucky recipient of a hand me down camera from my dad. I am by no means a photographer, but in an effort to appreciate the world around me I would like to take more photographs and learn to see from a new perspective. While reading Treehugger.com I read about the Street Photography Now Project. Here is the basic foundation of Street Photography:

"Street photography is an unbroken tradition, stretching back to the invention of photography itself. It revels in the poetic possibilities that an inquisitive mind and a camera can conjure out of everyday life. Like Evans, the photographers featured in this book get many of their best shots in shopping malls, parks, bars, museums, subways or coastal promenades. In their spontaneous and often subconscious reaction to the fecundity (I love this word!) of public life, street photographers elevate the commonplace and familiar into something mythical and even heroic. They thrive on the unexpected, seeing the street as a theatre of endless possibilities, the cast list never fixed until the shutter is pressed. They stare, they pry, they listen and they eavesdrop, and in doing so they hold up a mirror to the kind of societies we are making for ourselves. At a time when fewer and fewer of the images we see are honest representations of real life, their work is more vital than ever."

You can read more about it from the introduction to the book : The Photographers' Gallery, London, and Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren, authors of the book Street Photography Now.

I am a self admitted voyeur and this type of photography appeals to that dark part of my soul. 

Here is a very famous example of street photography:
le baiser de l'hotel de ville, by Robert Doisneau 

The project is open to anyone, with or without experience, and is totally free. Once a week there is a prompt that is the theme for that week's photos. Once the photo is taken, it is submitted to the Flickr gallery for that week's theme. The best part is viewing the gallery every week and seeing how others have interpreted it.

This weeks prompt is, "Show us the aftermath." -Maciej Dacowicz
Here is my submission, taken on a walk around my neighborhood:

To view this weeks gallery of this theme click here.

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